La prosodie de l’interlangue d’apprenants d’anglais ayant comme L1 le français ou l’espagnol


Exploratory phonetic analysis of the interlanguage (IL) prosody of learners of English whose native language (L1) is Chilean Spanish or metropolitan French. Regularities and differences are described concerning the realization of focus by learners and native English speakers. These descriptions seek to determine which tone sequences are favored by each group of speakers and to understand how focus is articulated at a suprasegmental level. F0 and duration values were analyzed through the F0 modelling algorithm Momel. Results show characteristic intonational features for each group of speakers associated with the shape and the range of tonal movements.

SHS Web of Conferences, 38
Leonardo Contreras Roa
Leonardo Contreras Roa
Profesor de fonética y fonología inglesa

Fonetista y profesor de inglés, doctor en lingüística