Prosodie et apprentissage des langues. Étude contrastive de l’interlangue d’apprenants d’anglais francophones et hispanophones


This thesis is a study of the prosodic interlanguage of students of English as a foreign language whose native language is French or Spanish. It is organized in two main parts. The first part is a study of the methods of conception and representation of prosody for the analysis of interlanguage – a hybrid linguistic system which includes characteristics of the student’s native language, characteristics of the target language, and intermediate or developmental characteristics. This section provides a methodological framework for the phonetic analysis and phonological interpretation of this type of prosodic systems. The second part is the implementation of this methodology through a contrastive interlanguage analysis conducted through the study of an oral corpus of students of English as a foreign language. The results show traces of the influence of their respective native languages at the phonetic and phonological levels, as well as developmental characteristics common to both groups of learners. The results serve as a basis for reflection on the levels of abstraction in the study of prosody and on the didactic priorities for teaching oral English at a university level.

University of Rennes 2

Doctoral contract financed by the Brittany region (ARED)

Date and place of defense: December 6, 2019 – University of Rennes 2

Supervisor: Marie Claude Le Bot (Professeure émérite, University of Rennes 2)

Jury president: Daniel Hirst (Directeur de Recherche émérite, CNRS & University of Aix-Marseille)

Jury members:

  • Sophie Herment (Full Professor, University of Aix-Marseille, rapporteur)
  • Margarita Muñoz García (Associate Professor, University of Rennes 2)
  • Fabián Santiago Vargas (Associate Professor, University of Paris 8)
Leonardo Contreras Roa
Leonardo Contreras Roa
Profesor de fonética y fonología inglesa

Fonetista y profesor de inglés, doctor en lingüística