Poster: The acquisition of the English /s-z/ voice contrast by learners of three L1s

Introduction English has a high functional load voice contrast between /s/ and /z/, which is active word-initially (sing /s/ - zing /z/), word-medially (fussy /s/ - fuzzy /z/) and word-finally (rice /s/ - rise /z/).

Poster: Voice assimilation of the morphemic -s in the L2 English of L1 French, L1 Spanish and L1 Italian learners

Introduction This study investigates the pronunciation of morphemic -s in L2 English by L1 French, L1 Italian and L1 Spanish learners. Morphemic -s can be a flectional suffix expressing plurality, 3rd person, genitive, or clitic forms of is and has.

The acquisition of /s/ - /z/ in a phonemic vs neutralised context: comparing French L1, Italian L1 and Spanish L1 learners of L2 English

We investigate the acquisition of /s/ - /z/ in L2 English by comparing contexts in which these sounds have a phonemic value vs contexts in which they are determined by a voice assimilation rule. We observe English L2 productions by French L1, Northern Italian L1 and Southern American Spanish L1 learners, on the assumption that the three groups will show different patterns depending on the status of [s] and [z] in their L1s.

The Corpus InterLangue project: storing language learner data in a Huma-Num Nakala database for automatic online retrieval

The Corpus InterLangue project: storing language learner data in a Huma-Num Nakala1 database for automatic online retrieval Project definition The Corpus InterLangue (CIL) project is a collection of spoken and written productions from learners of English and French as second languages (L2).

Discourse Reporting in African Storytelling

Estudio de las estrategias de discurso reportado características de las narrativas tradicionales de idiomas africanos, en contraste con las estrategias utilizadas en lenguas túrquicas de Rusia.


Corpus Inter Langue - Corpus oral de aprendientes de inglés y de francés como lengua extranjera


Interphonology of English Learner Prosody - Un corpus oral para el análisis de la prosodia de aprendientes de inglés

Initiation à ELAN pour l'annotation de corpus multimodaux

Workshop given as part of the Lundis de LIDILE seminars on the basics of multimodal annotation software ELAN. Topics covered include: Template creation and hierarchy setting Actors, types and stereotypes Transcription, annotation (orthographic, …

Conversion between prosodic transcription systems: from ToBI to INTSINT for English learner interlanguage prosody analysis

We propose a conversion method between the ToBI system of transcription for Spanish (Sp_ToBI) and French (F_ToBI), and the INTSINT system. The aim of this proposal is to serve as a framework for the analysis of the interlanguage prosody of learners …


Interphonology of Contemporary English - Interphonologie de l'anglais contemporain