Poster: Does listening to non-linguistic rhythm impact speech production?


A growing body of evidence suggests that exposure to rhythmic auditory patterns can modulate the processing of subsequently heard speech, at various levels of processing. In the current study, we aimed to test whether this effect, known as rhythmic priming, extends to speech production. The task consisted of listening to auditory stimuli and reading sentences. Three conditions were studied: a condition where the rhythm was consistent with the rhythmic structure of the target sentence, a condition where the rhythm was inconsistent with the target sentence, and a condition without priming. The results of our pilot study showed that the rhythm type modulates reading latency. We also present our primary results regarding speech rhythm metrics based on vowel and consonant duration and prominence. We discuss the results in the framework of theories on perception-production and music-language links.

Aug 29, 2022 — Sep 1, 2022
Grand Palais

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Leonardo Contreras Roa
Leonardo Contreras Roa
Maître de conférences en phonologie anglaise

Phonéticien et enseignant d’anglais, Docteur en linguistique


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